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The Gallant Whisker Whackers are been used around the show rings in Australia .
I watched a guy make quick work of a dogs face with a whisker whacker not so long ago.
I wanted one there and then ! It seemed like the prefect tool for the job

In the past, shaving was mostly done in barber shops with a straight razor, but thanks to the invention of disposable razors.
Shaving has never been easy.
Though straight razors are still being used at present, disposable razors blades are gaining popularity, because they are very cheap and you can shave anywhere, anytime you want.

The  Gallant BodyShave
No Pressure Disposable Razor uses a pulling action to get a close shave.
This razor has a unique open-window design to let you see or view the area being shaved.
Also the blades are unique because they are platinum coated stainless steel, making the blades sharp longer, which help provide a close shave without irritation, nicks, or cuts.
Also, cleaning is no problem, simply put the blades under running water and see you’ll see hair and shaving cream wash off easily,

Because of the Gallant Disposable Razors’ unique design, with the handle being positioned in front of the blade,
The razor  smoothly glides over the skin without the need to apply any pressure.
Gallant Disposable Razors has been a big success with the veterinary professionals.

Key product features:
Perfect Grip and Full Control
- The ribbed GALLANT handle ensures a steady and efficient grip of the razor and furthermore, giving you a controlled view of the area being prepared.
The handle being positioned in front of the blade, allows the razor to smoothly glide over the skin, without need for any pressure and thus minimising the risk of cuts.
Using the Gallant Body Shave need’s getting use to,
Since it’s designed to be pulled and no pressure should be applied,
Just guide the blade and let its Swiss-engineered blade design follow your body contours without ever cutting the skin.

The Contour of the Body
- The GALLANT razor smoothly follows the natural contours of the body. The procedure therefore becomes safer and more efficient than traditional razors.

Quality Ensures the Results
- The razor blade is made of platinum coated Swedish quality stainless steel. A slight fingertip pressure allows the high quality blade to smoothly shave close to the skin without creating skin irritations or cuts.

- The GALLANT comb located close to the blade, is specially designed to keep a clean blade, without being clogged up by foam or hair.

Safe Handling
- To ensure that the razor, for hygienic reasons, can not be re-used, the blade part of the razor can be snapped off and separated from the handle by a slight vertical pressure.
-Lightweight and compact.


  • Gentle pull and no pressure
  • Ribbed handle for a steady and efficient grip
  • Smoothly follows the natural contours of the body
  • Safer and more efficient than traditional razors
  • Comb located close to the blade
  • Works with or without shaving foam
  • Weighs only 3.63 grams
  • Fully recyclable
  • Individually Packaged

These razors are used  because they provide quick and reliable shave every time!


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